Method - space

Silence between Sound. Stillness between Movement. Pause between thoughts. Without the consideration of space our ideas, words, and actions become rushed, blurred, muddled, anddifficulttfollow.

On a physical basis alone there is more space than matter. But space does matter, just as matter does space. We can’t have one without the other. In performance, or presentation of your speech, scene, or subject, the space you leave around what you say and do will enhance the value of your engagement.

Curiously though, there seems to be a great fear of space. As if, by simply stopping to breathe, receive, or look about, you might somehow fall to pieces, break down, or be revealed as a hoax and unworthy of consideration! In point of fact the absolute opposite is true. Space gives meaning to form. Just as ‘On’ has no value, or significance without the necessary ‘Off’. In authentic inter-action space can feel ‘alive’ with significance and meaning. In physical terms spatial awareness is very important too. Stand, or sit, too far away and you can look insignificant. Too close and you could appear intimidating.

Once you become aware of Space you can begin to use it to your advantage. And all the structure, content, and knowing of your engagement, will be balanced with a more relaxed, natural, and spontaneous you. Such balance will help put you and your audience at ease and, exponentially, increase your chances of a positive exchange.

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