Method - body

The body is a very subtle and sensitive organism which is constantly receiving from and sending messages to your environment and those around you. Messages that are well worth heeding – but which often go ignored.

How much are you aware of our body and what it’s telling you? How can you use your body and your physicality more successfully? Through our senses we physically respond to external conditions, situations, environment, and other people. We respond with our emotions and our feelings which are manifest by our physical form. In other words, without your knowing, your body is silently saying so much about you... even now.

Our responses are sometimes habitual and at other times natural. Your response to certain situations may cause you to tighten up your muscles, to restrict, or hold your breath for example. Likewise, in response to other situations, you may feel more relaxed and easy going. Your body reflects your state of mind and you mind has as effect on your body. Just by being aware of your physicality and the physicality of others you can soon learn to respond more appropriately and effectively. Even before you open your mouth to speak, your body speaks first. But, with a little more awareness, you have the ability to let your physical response be a more appropriate response. And to be truly successful, you must surely be seen as someone who is both aware and responsible.

With greater awareness you become the embodiment of your work, your ideas, and your passion. And, as such, you are much more likely to succeed in anything you do.

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