Method - presence

To have presence starts by simply being present.

When you engage wholeheartedly and single pointedly with your environment, others, and self, in the moment of being - in the Now - you will find yourself in a very powerful position. Once you ‘wake up’ to the present – this can be achieved through very simple physical means – your sensory engagement heightens, as does your natural intuitive ability.

By recognizing yourself as part of an ever creative present you will become more receptive and feel more connected. With practice - and by breathing correctly - you can learn to trust this. Your senses will become heightened and more aware. With heightened senses you become more sense-able! And, likewise, you may be perceived as having greater, perception, understanding, and confidence.

The chances are you will have a good deal more power, potential, and presence! Others may see you as someone they can depend upon and trust to perform with even greater intelligence, integrity, clarity, and commitment. You can also begin to see yourself this way.
And so your confidence will grow in line with your success.